Herzl Collection

Herzl is an open-ended collection of ceramic objects made in a slip-cast technology, pasting and coloring by hand and coated with a shiny glaze. All items in Herzl made of elements copied from cheap plastic toy parts. The products are created in an endless game in which toy parts are put together, and are chosen to enter the collection according to criteria of form and usage. 

While wandering in the plastic kingdom of Herzl and Matalon streets in Tel Aviv, with a magic wand that turns Chinese plastic into gleaming ceramic, we bought a collection of toys: naughty pretzel, fruits that never rot and escapist teddy bear that are waiting to be discovered. We undressed the familiar toys from their use and identity and we felt that they revealed to us for the first time. We started to imagine new objects in all sorts of combinations. The process brought us back to a childhood experience of playing, exploring and testing without limits, where there is no meaning for success or mistakes, no right or wrong.
Outwardly we are perceived as restrained and calm persons, but inside we are full of storms. We express our inner world through objects. The process of creating a Herzl piece is sometimes reminding of Tourette syndrome: you can say something like “I will put this pin on the teddy bear’s head!” and this will create something new.
When our daughter was two years old, she already knew the words “Ken” and “Lo” (yes and no in Hebrew), but sometimes she chose to say “Kes” and “Los” just to test and experiment with the boundaries of language. She played with the language. When a baby choses to put some wooden blocks in a stack, he never thinks “what will I earn from this? And that was the state of mind that carried us into a burst of creativity.