Punim Figure Limited Summer Edition

290.00 NIS

A glimpse to our mind

Born out of late night conversations and a shared passion to learn, create and experiment – is where Mey and Boaz Kahn mold and manipulate ceramics into sleek and vibrant contemporary ceramic art.

Herzl Collection

Herzl is an open-ended collection of ceramic products which includes boxes, vases, candelabras and bowls. Herzl project started in a shopping journey of cheap, “made in china” toys in Herzl St, in south Tel Aviv. Out of mass piles of toys, we picked our stars that will take part in our Herzl game. We prepared the plaster forms for all of our toys, and started to give them their new life as high, glorious, bone china items. The products are created in an endless game in which toy parts are put together, and are chosen to enter the collection according to criteria of form and usage.

Goltz Collection

Goltz is the younger sister of a Herzl, based on holiday decoration elements we have gathered in Goltzstrasse, Berlin. With unconventional connections by using melting glaze while firing in the kiln, a colorful world of fantasy was created, with shining balls, dizzy rings towers and enchanted bowls. Most of the items in Goltz collection can be customized in size and color.

The Punim

The PUNIM (face in Yiddish), are small ceramic figurines that can wear an infinite number of different faces and change their identity by applying graphic elements.

The series "Five Illustrators" includes five PUNIM figurines illustrated by five known Israeli illustrators: Einat Tsarfati, Aviel Basil, Lena Revenko, Osnat Feitelson and Eitan Eloa.

Materials: Ceramic with clear shiny glaze

Height: 11 cm | 20 cm | 40 cm | 60 cm (S/M/L/XL)

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